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Hello, I am Susan Williams — owner of The Laughing Cabin, LLC, which is located in the foothills of the northeast Georgia mountains. The Laughing Cabin is also the name of my home. You can see a picture of it in the logo and in the photo on this page.

It’s the coziness of the cabin, the beauty of the surroundings — and the love and joy that resides here — that inspired me to use the name The Laughing Cabin. It somehow fits.

Next door to our cabin is my workshop where I spend time each day making gourd sculptures, wooden signs and other creative projects. It also houses the offices and warehouse for The Laughing Cabin. What I love best is that my daily commute to work is the 30 feet it takes to walk from my back door. Woot! And the view is spectacular!

In The Laughing Cabin's on-line store, you will find many of my handmade creations.  These include hand sculpted chicken gourds and hand painted wooden signs, among other things.

You will also find commercially manufactured home and cabin decor items from some of my favorite brands: Park Design, VHC Brands, CTW Home Collection and more. It is a privilege to be a retailer for each of them.

I also enjoy supporting and promoting handmade in the U.S.A. artisans and will frequently share links to these artisans' shops and websites through social media.

The last thing to mention is that I am a writer. I truly enjoy encouraging others through the written word and sharing my heart of love for Jesus Christ. I often feel as though writing is somewhat like painting, but with words instead of colors. I once heard it said that when we do something that we are passionate about, we are participating in an act of worship. I believe this to be true because any time that I am painting, sculpting or writing, I will often feel the very presence of God. It’s like having the most wonderful friend, companion and playmate Who enjoys creating right along with me. His hand is in everything that I do.

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