My North Georgia View of the Great American Total Eclipse

What is now being called the Great American Total Eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017, happened to arrive during the week of my 55th birthday. We were able to view it in “totality”  here in north Georgia. This was the icing on the cake as far as birthdays go.

I have never witnessed a total eclipse until now, and the experience was more than amazing. In fact, it was very spiritual. My husband and youngest son were here with me. It was a special privilege to share this historical moment with them.

Susan and her son Joe wearing welding masks to view the eclipse

Since our cabin is surrounded by forest and mountains on every side, I made a point to pay particular attention to the wildlife. I wanted to see how or if they would react to the eclipse. When the eclipse began around 1:00 p.m., I noticed that the squirrels disappeared from the yard. A little while later, the birds began to grow silent. Meanwhile, the sound of the crickets and night-time choristers began to grow louder — just as they would in the evenings when the sun is beginning to set.

A few minutes before total eclipse, we looked down at the ground and noticed strange and beautiful elliptical shapes beginning to form from the shadows of the leaves. This was such a wonder and delight to observe. I took many pictures of this phenomenon pictured below.

Shadows of leaves cast on the ground just before totality

I saw an interesting video  titled, “God’s Cricket Chorus.” In it, the sound of crickets chirping is slowed down frame by frame until you can hear what sounds like an angelic chorus. So, when I heard the crickets begin to chirp even louder as the eclipse approached, I could not help but think they were lifting their “voices” in praise.

Except for the crickets, a “hush” fell over the surrounding forest as the eclipse neared the moment of totality. It was as though all of the animals were sharing a moment of reverential silence — along with we three humans who were gazing up in awe from a small clearing in our yard. It was a moment when I could envision the Creator looking down upon His creation with the tenderness of a Father. Creation was looking right back with the wonder-filled eyes of a young child.

There is no way to fully describe the feeling of what we witnessed. If you were able to view the total eclipse  where you live, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There are no words. Not even photos can describe it.

For me, the eclipse brought an incredible sense of joy, peace and awe all rolled into one. That peace has stayed with me all week. It’s carrying me into my 55th year of life on this Earth.

Happy Birthday, indeed.

Until next time! ~ Susan

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S.R. Williams is an artist and writer who lives in a cabin in the northeast Georgia mountains where she is inspired with joy and inspiration by the natural beauty of the surroundings

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