Happy Mistakes

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I have been continuing my wood working lessons with Hubby this past week. Specifically, I have been continuing to learn how to make wood frames with mitered corners. My first solo attempt was a few days ago. I wanted to surprise my husband by making the frame entirely without his help. To do this, I had to be somewhat secretive because he tends to hover over me once he becomes aware that I am working with power tools. He’s very protective of me when it comes to things like that.

I took the lessons to heart and carefully measured the wood for my frame. It was after cutting the wood with the miter saw that I immediately noticed my mistake. I had not made the cuts on the correct side of the wood. AND, I had not checked my settings on the miter saw. Instead of a 45 degree angle, I had cut the wood at a 46 degree angle. Who knew that one degree could make such a difference? (Of course, I know this NOW.) The result was a very lopsided frame with the corners and grooves facing in the wrong direction.

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Susan learning how to use a wood router

I was very upset with myself for wasting perfectly good wood. I didn’t want Hubby to know about my mistake, either. My ego was too bruised. I tend to get very aggravated at myself when things like this happen and decided to take a break to calm myself.

Eventually… one Mississippi, two Mississippi… I swallowed my pride and called Hubby over to show him the frame. He has a sweet way of laughing at me that doesn’t make me feel foolish. He thinks it’s cute when I get myself into a fix. I’m pretty sure it’s because he likes being able to come to my rescue. This was one of those times I didn’t mind being rescued. I wanted to learn from my mistake.

I don’t know exactly how he managed to do it, but Hubby was able to work his magic. The frame did not come out the way I had originally intended. No, it came out even BETTER. Don’t ask me how. The best part is that none of the wood had to be scrapped, after all. My hero!

The moral of this week’s story? There are no failures. Just happy mistakes.

Until next time! ~ Susan

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