Front Porch Society


During all these weeks and months of interacting with you on The Laughing Cabin’s Facebook page, I’ve been listening to your heart and noticed there were certain topics that caused a particular reaction from many of you. This is when I would receive responses by the hundreds in the form of comments, like, shares, e-mails and private messages.

The posts that you connected with the the most had to do with my weight loss journey. Many others of you reached out through your prayer requests that included concerns about health, family and other things weighing on your heart. Though none of us have ever met in person, we’ve spent time laughing together, sharing comments and praying for each other through our social media interactions. There is a sense of community among The Laughing Cabin’s followers that is very special.  It is something that I do not take for granted.

What each of you have told me, in your own way, is that you are hungry for personal interaction rather than simply being amused and entertained. Some of you are asking for encouragement and support for lifestyle changes that include weight loss. I am happy to tell you that your message has been received, loud and clear.


Back in the day, a front porch was used much like an extended living room. Friends and family would gather, pull up a seat, pour a glass of lemonade and enjoy sharing time and conversation together. It was a place to share stories and life experiences and where people would actually take time to listen to what was on each other’s hearts. Even now, gatherings like these are so important because they create that all-important sense of friendship and belonging. I wanted to somehow bring this “front porch” experience to you and share in it with you.

This is the basic idea for starting a private Facebook group. I want it to be a gathering place for women who are interested in both giving and receiving encouragement, support, friendship and prayer.


I have also thought long and hard about the name for this group. I wanted it to embody everything good about my experiences and life here at The Laughing Cabin — the beauty, the peace, and the gentle pace of life. That is why I have chosen to name the group, the FRONT PORCH SOCIETY.

The dynamics of this group will take on a life of their own  as I continue to prayerfully work out the vision for what’s to come. You will join me in this by bringing your unique personality and conversations to the forum. I want the content to have substance, and I would like it to be a meaningful use of your time and mine. Most importantly, I would like it to become a place that you look forward to visiting and that we each make a difference — no matter how small — in each other’s lives.


The weekly content and focus of the group will be initiated and guided by me, Susan Williams, as the moderator. Members will have the freedom to interact and engage in whatever ways they choose. Active participation is encouraged but not required.

The content will include weight loss encouragement and support because many of you have specifically asked for that.  However, the topics will not be limited to weight loss and will include enough variety to hold the interest of anyone who desires to join.  That means that if you’re not dieting, you will still find value by participating as a member of this group.


Please note that this group does not provide a weight loss plan or diet program.  If you’re looking for that kind of guidance, you won’t find it. I am not a licensed or qualified medical professional and not a licensed nutrition or weight loss coach. My role as the page administrator is to facilitate, encourage and support members.  All members should consult a physician before beginning any weight loss or exercise program. All members are encouraged to do their own nutritional research to educate themselves before starting any weight loss program.  No medical claims are being made or implied by me, Susan Williams, as the administrator/moderator of the page.


This is a women-only group with a few basic rules to consider before joining.

  • The group’s administrator and moderator is Susan Williams of The Laughing Cabin.
  • The content and conduct of the group will be based on Judeo-Christian values and includes prayer and Scripture references. Women of all faiths are welcomed.
  • This a private, moderated group open to women-only who are 35 years and older.
  • Though primarily intended as a support group for weight loss, all interested women are invited to join.
  • The goal is to create a place of dialogue and conversation in an environment that is safe, private, supportive and welcoming for all members.
  • Soliciting, advertising and political commentary is not allowed.
  • Members may share medical experiences as it relates to weight loss but are asked not to make medical claims or provide other members with medical advice
  • Members are encouraged to post their own original content to the group page as long as the content is relevant to the topics being discussed. Original content can include comments, graphics, quotes, cartoons and photographs.
  • Live stream videos, links and other content can be posted by members when they are invited to do so such as during “share” days.
  • Members are welcomed to invite friends and family to join the group. Out of common courtesy, please do not invite people without first asking their permission. All referrals will be moderated and screened before being formally admitted to the group.
  • The group administrator may choose to remove and/or block any member from the group for any reason and without explanation. Causes for removal will include posting negative, rude or derogatory comments or content of any kind.

Use this link to access the FRONT PORCH SOCIETY private group on Facebook. You will be asked to answer a few basic questions. Please allow up to 24 hours for your membership request to be moderated and reviewed.

For more information, contact Susan by e-mail at: