For the Birds

My oldest grandson Isaiah was out of school last Friday, so he blessed me by visiting with me for the day. He enjoys painting as much as I do, so we spent the afternoon in the workshop. In one corner, I have a box full of ready-made wooden birdhouses. A friend sold them to me at a bargain price a couple of years ago. She was moving to a new home and did not want to pack them up. I have been saving them for grandma-moments like these.

Isaiah browsed through my collection of wood cut-outs and chose two butterflies to place on each side of the birdhouse. He also picked out a small, wooden heart to go on the front. We started by painting the butterflies before moving onto the birdhouse itself.

Isaiah using a hair dryer to dry the birdhouse between coats of paint

I asked Isaiah if he would like for me to teach him how to give the birdhouse a rustic look. He wanted to learn, so we started with the roof. I explained how to paint the roof with two coats of honey brown paint. This was followed by a coat of black paint. He busied himself applying the paint. After all of the layers were dried, I used an electric hand sander to sand away the top layers of paint. This created a wonderful rustic brown and black color.

The sides of the house turned out with an even more interesting color. Isaiah decided on a bright olive green as the two base coat layers. We topped it with the black paint — not really knowing how it would look after it was sanded. To our delight, the colors produced a wonderful rustic green color that makes the birdhouse blend-in with natural surroundings.

The finished birdhouse

Isaiah asked me to write my name on the birdhouse because he wanted to be reminded of the fact that we made it together. Instead, I brought out a little wooden tag and wrote BOTH of our names on it along with the date. We attached this to the perch with a piece of twine. It touched my heart to see how meaningful this project and our time together had been to him.

As for the birdhouse? I truly believe the birds will love it.

Until next week! ~ Susan

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