Brown Paper Packages: My Favorite Thing

Part of the enjoyment of having a handmade business is preparing orders for shipping. I have a counter top designated as the “shipping station.” I will pull from a roll of brown Kraft paper, cut a length of twine and begin the wrapping process. There is always a story that goes with each item and a special reason that it was chosen. The shipping station is where I take time to reflect on this. I usually find myself humming the melody of the song, “My Favorite Things” while I’m wrapping and packaging. There’s something about brown paper and twine that brings that song out in me.  ~ Susan

A Box of Inspiration

My acrylic paints were running low because of a busy fall season of painting, so I placed a restock order, and a fresh box of inspiration arrived in the mail shortly after.  Ahhhh…. nothing thrills me more than a box of brand new paints in many colors. Be still my heart! This particular order arrived from  The Artist’s Club — one of my favorite places to shop for art supplies on the internet because they carry most of the colors that are not easy to find in the local craft stores.

americana acrylic paints

An Interesting Challenge

I received several custom order requests and one in particular turned out to be very interesting. The customer asked if I could make a wood block house, and she sent a pencil drawing of the design she had in mind. It needed to fit on a certain shelf in her home and needed to have specific colors to coordinate with the room’s decor. The measurements to be used were 5-1/4″ tall by 6-1/4″ wide by 2″ deep. I got to work cutting the wood, and it was not as a difficult as I thought it would be — considering that I have never attempted to make something like this before. The design met with the customer’s approval, so I continued onto the painting phase. The photo collage shows how the little house turned out. She loved it and left a very nice review.

wood block house

Brown Paper Packages

Whenever I am packaging an order from a customer, I usually wrap the item in brown paper with a bit of twine. I do this to add a special “signature” touch to the experience of opening the package whether or not a customer requests gift wrapping. When I DO receive a request for gift wrapping and/or a gift card, I like to add an extra flourish. For me, it’s just as much fun putting together a gift wrap ensemble as it is to make a craft project. This week, I had an opportunity to do just that and used a red gingham printable gift tag that I downloaded from Country at Heart 2008 and a red gingham swatch of fabric that, together with the brown paper and twine, made for a rustic homespun look.

brown paper gift wrap, brown paper gift card, gingham gift tag

I think, now, you can understand what all of that humming is about. “Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things!”

Until next week! ~ Susan

I’d love to make something for you!


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