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flaming azalea tree

Everything is in Full Spring

Everything is in “full spring” this year in north Georgia. It’s not that any other spring season has been less spectacular, it’s just that I seem to be noticing it …

View From the Front Porch

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Country Roots

I was raised in a military family and moved from place to place throughout most of my childhood. I did not grow up next door to my extended family or …

The Day the Well Ran Dry

To Market, To Market to Buy a Pet Pig

Conversations from the Heart

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Summer 2018 Bucket List

Each season, I make a point to write down a bucket list. I started doing this a little over two years ago. Some of my  adventures have been documented on …

Day of the Tornado

The Potter’s Mark

Bell’s Palsy: The Gift of a Crooked Smile

Front Porch Society

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beef fiesta salad

Fiesta Beef Salad

This Fiesta Beef Salad recipe is one that I came up with while following a low carbohydrate, high protein program.  One serving of this salad has 1-2 cups of lettuce, …

Sawdust, Paint & Clay

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Finders Keepers

You will NEVER guess what happened! I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store and decided to leave my purse locked in the trunk. I reached into …

Signs of Spring

For the Birds