Summer 2018 Bucket List

Each season, I make a point to write down a bucket list. I started doing this a little over two years ago. Some of my  adventures have been documented on Facebook and in this blog post, Horseback Riding at Sunburst Stables. With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to announce my Summer 2018 Bucket List.


I am not yet sure if it will be Panama City Beach or Myrtle Beach, but I have made tentative plans with one of my sons and his family to spend time together on a beach vacation. Somewhere.  I am already envisioning walking down the beach with my toes in the sand. And getting a nice tan while I’m at it. The real thrill will be building sand castles with my grandsons and doing some beach combing together.


I have completed my weight loss journey as of May 15, 2018, but there are still a few things that I would like to accomplish before the end of summer.  I will be returning full-time to the gym in mid-June to tone up my muscles and continuing on with another few weeks of weight loss to give myself some wiggle room.  Several years ago, I read the book, Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45 by Christopher Hopkins. It inspired me to celebrate my weight loss in a big way.

For this, I am planning on getting a makeover, a new wardrobe, a new hair style and throwing myself a party to celebrate — complete with a photographer and everything. It is not necessarily going to be a large gathering — maybe just my family and a few friends. But, for me, it will be a rite of passage that marks the arrival of a whole new me. The date for my Comeback Party? August 24, 2018. This also happens to be my 56th birthday.


I have actually already written most of the content for a new book, but there is a learning process involved when it comes to having it published. That’s why I have enrolled in an on-line class to help me learn to maneuver through the self-publishing world. The class is titled AUTHOR-ITY by Donna Partow. If you have a book inside of you waiting to be birthed, I can recommend this class wholeheartedly. I am not exactly sure *when* the book will be published, but it is my goal to get the writing and editing completed by the end of summer. I am well on my way.

If this has inspired you to create your own Summer Bucket List, share your ideas in the comment thread. I would love to hear all about it!

Until next time! ~ Susan 

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