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Affiliate Window (Etsy)

Affiliate links may be included in item listings, blog posts, blog sidebar content and blog pages appearing on The Laughing Cabin’s blog as well as The Laughing Cabin’s Facebook page.  When you, as a consumer, click on an affiliate link and place an order to purchase an affiliate item, Susan Williams/The Laughing Cabin, LLC, receives a commission for the sale. You do not pay an extra cost because of this.

You can learn more about the function of affiliate links by visiting this site, Paid For Advertising.

Susan Williams makes a good faith effort to recommend products, books and items for which she has had personal use, experience or knowledge. She receives no compensation for any endorsements or product reviews other than commissions she may receive through associated affiliate links, as described above, unless otherwise noted.

Additionally, Susan Williams has a years-long history of supporting handmade artists and crafters in her local community and on Etsy. She continues to support and recommend independent handmade artists and crafters who are noteworthy and whose items would appeal to followers and customers of The Laughing Cabin.  The handmade artisans whose items may appear in the affiliate links do not pay commissions and are not charged any fees for my endorsement of their items.

The Laughing Cabin is not affiliated with or endorsed by Amazon, Facebook or Etsy (or by individual Etsy sellers) except as it relates to participation in the above-mentioned affiliate programs.