Real Life Inspiration: The Tool Shed

the tool shed rustic sign

A construction crew has been here all week, and their presence has provided real life inspiration for a few of my creative projects. One such project is “The Tool Shed” sign shown in the photograph above. With all of the cutting, hammering, sawing and nailing that has been taking place, “tools” have clearly been on my mind.

Phase One

So what are we building? I’m glad you asked. The construction project is going to have three phases. This week, work began on Phase One. The workers removed an existing deck that leads into our workshop and office building. They did this to install a brand new and much larger deck that will will become a screened-in porch.

porch deck

The picture above was taken after the old deck was removed and a new frame was constructed.

This whole idea started over a year ago. It was during the summer when the breezes were so nice. I wanted to open the office door to let in the fresh air, and all of the bees and hornets took it as an invitation to join me. All I said was, “It would be nice to have a screened door.” Hubby is never one to do things halfway. A screened door wouldn’t do. A screened PORCH would be better. So there you have it.

I was so delighted when I saw the porch rails going up. I love them!

It took several months to find a contractor with available time. That’s why we began the work during the winter. This is the usual slow time for the construction industry and provides the best chance of finding a contractor with hungry workers. They were happy to get right to work, and we were happy to have them.

The porch room is starting to come together. What a cute little red tin roof!

What Comes Next?

After Phase One is complete, which should be sometime next week, the workers will move their attention to building our new carport. We have gone more than 15 years without a carport or garage. It did not really matter until we bought a new car this past summer — the week before Hurricane Irma came barreling through. With so many falling branches, limbs and trees, it was truly a miracle that nothing was damaged or destroyed. This is what convinced us that it was time for a carport. That, and the occasional hail storm that passes through every few years.

Here is a view from inside the porch looking out toward the back door of our cabin.

We will first stain the deck and posts and allow the wood to dry and “cure” for a few weeks before installing the screen and door. Meantime, the pictures will give you an idea of the size and how cute it is going to be. Though I would have been happy with a screened door, I know that I’m going to love this new space. I am already thinking about where to put a little table and a few chairs.

Until next time! ~ Susan

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