Dukes Creek Falls Trail

Dukes Creek Falls Trail

My daughter Melissa and I seized upon an opportunity to go on an afternoon adventure together. The bitterly cold weather we had been experiencing for weeks, here in north Georgia, had suddenly turned spring-like. It was the cure for cabin fever that we so desperately needed. The urge to get outdoors and into the sunshine could not be resisted. We decided the day was right for taking a hike on Dukes Creek Falls Trail.

Mt. Yonah as seen from Dukes Creek Falls
Mt. Yonah in the distance, as seen from Dukes Creek Falls Trail

I had first learned about Dukes Creek Falls Trail more than 20 years ago. My first hike was as a younger woman in my 30s. My two youngest sons came with me, and we were escorted by our moose-of-a-dog named Goldie. She pretty much pulled me the whole way. I wasn’t happy about it on the way down, but I was secretly grateful that she insisted on pulling me all the way back up. I confess, it made the return hike a little easier since we were going uphill.

Dukes Creek Falls Trail
The waterfall flowing from Davis Creek into Dukes Creek

What I really like about Dukes Creek Falls Trail — and what stayed in my memory after all these years — is the fact that it is an easy hike. The path is wide and well-maintained, and it switches back and forth so that there are no steep places. Every now and then, a boardwalk appears to enable hikers to cross over a culvert or to provide them with a better view. The trail is easy to access off the main roadway and only ten minutes from home. The best part is that the one mile walk ends where two creeks merge together by means of a 150 foot waterfall descending from Davis Creek into Dukes Creek. That view is the gem that makes Dukes Creek Falls Trail such a treasure.

Dukes Creek Falls
Melissa and her dog Grace taking in the view

Melissa had never been to this particular trail, even though she has hiked most of the better-known, and more difficult, trails in the region. Since I was going with her, we decided that Dukes Creek Falls Trail would be a good choice. She would see something new, and I would be returning to the place of a fond memory.

The video below shows Dukes Creek just above the point where the water falling from Davis Creek flows into it from 150 feet above. Dukes Creek tumbles over large boulders on its way past the observation deck and creates what appears to be a smaller waterfall of its own. If you turn up the volume, you can hear the sound of the rushing water.

The photos on this page tell the visual story of our adventure. If you travel to the region, this is one place to add to your vacation to-do list. It’s a perfect one-day excursion if you’re within a 2 hour drive of Helen, Georgia.

Until next time! ~ Susan

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