This Week at The Laughing Cabin

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Spring Festival Season in North Georgia

The arrival of spring signals the beginning of festival season in north Georgia. This is the season for which most handmade artisans spend an entire winter preparing. We have been …

Finders Keepers

Welcome Spring Easter Egg Hunt & GiveAway

North Georgia Living

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southern escentuals candles

Southern Escentuals: Candles, Soaps and Dreams

One of the privileges of being part of the ETSY.COM community has been the opportunity to meet other handmade artisans. Not only have I made friendships throughout the United States …

Dukes Creek Falls Trail

View From the Front Porch

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Country Roots

I was raised in a military family and moved from place to place throughout most of my childhood. I did not grow up next door to my extended family or …

The Day the Well Ran Dry

To Market, To Market to Buy a Pet Pig

Conversations from the Heart

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Goldie, red bone hound dog mix

Remembering Goldie: My Four-Legged Best Friend

Our beloved dog Goldie has been gone for many years, but I still think about her from time to time. She was my four-legged best friend for all thirteen years …

Day of the Tornado

The Potter’s Mark

Inside the Laughing Cabin

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cabin kitchen

The Heart of the Kitchen is… a One-Room Shack?

The story of The Laughing Cabin began in 1997 which is when my then-single husband decided to buy this property. At that time, the cabin was a one-room shack used …

Wildlife Adventures

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Thirty Feet to the Next Adventure

The Laughing Cabin is an interesting place and where many things happen during the course of the average day. Not only do my husband and I live at The Laughing …

DIY Crafts

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painted terra cotta pot

DIY Painted Terra Cotta Pot with Free Printable Pattern

With spring just around the corner, this painted terra cotta pot is the perfect DIY project. In fact, you might enjoy this one so much that you will want to …

Sawdust, Paint & Clay

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workshop, craft room

Welcome to “Sue’s World”

My husband calls my workshop, “Sue’s World.” Like most artists who get absorbed in the creative process, I tend to get lost in my own little world. It’s no small …